Who We Are

ENERGY BEVERAGES PVT LTD. A quality-intensive, value-based refreshment company, committed to delighting its consumers with a healthy range of wholesome, fun-filled products that are manufactured on state-of-the art technologies.

Since the year 2005, Energy Beverages (P) Ltd. has embarked an a journey: to create a world of the goad life. One that rejuvenates, refreshes and revitalizes. Through a mélange of energy-inspiring, wholesome products like Current, Clear and Jaasup.

Energy Beverages (P) Ltd. is the brainchild of Mr. Nayan Shah. His values are commitment to excellence and a positive culture. With strong dedication and vigor he has made Energy Beverages what it is today- an icon of Purity, Freshness and Vitality

CLEAR is premium quality water from the house of Energy Beverages (P) Ltd. It is Premium Packaged Drinking Water of the purest quality, that is packed with great care to ensure that it stays fresh. Right till the time it reaches you. Unlike other packaged water, CLEAR comes with the promise of utmost purity, as it carries the lowest levels of TDS-Total Dissolved Solids. CLEAR ensures that it is manufactured in only state-of-the-art plants which are certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) ISO -22000 (Food Safety)/ISO 9001:2015, HACCP & FSSAI. CLEAR comes in an elegantly attractive square packaging tap, lust the prestigious battle of water far you to carry around!

Packed in stringently monitored world-class conditions, with all its inherent health benefits, CLEAR is an offering of pure, fresh, clear drinking water.